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Internet fraud is growing rapidly.

SSL-certificates and other security features such as DNSSEC and DMARC
are vital for protecting your identity and brand.

Is your digital identity protected?

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What is an SSL certificate?

By encrypting traffic between the web server and the browser (or between two servers), an TLS / SSL certificate prevents any outsider from eavesdropping on the data being sent. This includes sensitive data such as usernames, passwords and account information transmitted to your database or other systems.

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What does this mean for me?

User trust is crucial for any digital technology, and an TLS / SSL certificate lays the foundation for maintaining not only the organization’s reputation, but also for showing customers and business partners that your website is trustworthy.The familiar padlock symbol signals to a user that the website is using a secure TLS / SSL connection. Another well-established indicator is that the address starts with https: // instead of just http: //.

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How do I protect my site?

By letting us help you order and install an SSL certificate on your website you are ensuring your visitor's security.

We can also install and configure your DNSSEC and DMARC.

About besafe.online

Besafe.online is a site containing free analysis tools for organisations that want to get an indication of their site’s security status. Besafe.online is created by Ports Group AB. Ports Group is full service partner that actively protects and monitors your trademarks and domain names, on a global scale. We create safety and minimise risk for our clients. What makes us unique is that we take full legal responsibility for your trademarks and domain names and handle everything from start to finish – from hosting services, through active monitoring of your intellectual property rights, to legal disputes – all under one roof.

General terms and conditions

The result of this analysis is only to be viewed as an indication of the security state and not as a complete analysis. Ports Group AB can not give any guarantees that the results are correct due to the information being retrieved from systems outside Ports Group's management, so no business decisions should be based solely on this review. For more information about the results and how Ports Group can help you, please contact us.